Philippine Program Against Child Labor

The Philippine Program Against Child Labor is the national program for the prevention and elimination of child labor in the country with a vision of a child labor-free Philippines.

The PPACL hopes to transform the lives of existing child laborers, their families, and communities, towards their sense of self-worth, empowerment, and development. It also works towards the prevention and progressive elimination of child labor through protection, withdrawal, healing, and reintegration of child workers into a caring society. The PPACL is guided by the principles of child-focused action, rights-based approach, results-based management, gender-responsiveness, cultural sensitivity, sustainable development, children and youth participation, good governance, decent work for all, community development, and inter-agency, tripartite and multi-sectoral collaboration. It endeavors to support the alleviation of extreme poverty which has been the main cause of child labor in the country.